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An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

BBB's mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. BBB accomplishes this mission by:

• Creating a community of trustworthy businesses
• Setting standards for marketplace trust
• Encouraging and supporting best practices
• Celebrating marketplace role models, and;
• Denouncing substandard marketplace behavior

NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, is exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed income and deferred annuities through the education of policymakers, journalists, consumers, and the industry about the benefits of fixed annuities.

Since 2001, the National Ethics Association (NEA) has helped business professionals build their businesses on a foundation of trust, ethics and best practices. The Association is committed to helping businesses service their customers with knowledge and integrity by providing educational resources and content encouraging and promoting ethics in business and beyond. NEA is also devoted to aiding consumers with the increasingly complex task of conducting due diligence on business professionals. This results in greater peace of mind for skeptical consumers and also rewards those worthy of their trust.

The focus of the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce is to create opportunities for our members to connect with the local business community while encouraging the growth of existing businesses and providing assistance to new companies relocating to the Shenango Valley and surrounding areas.

The Hermitage Business Association (HBA) is a group of business, industrial, and professional members with the mission of promoting the Hermitage area by developing a unified business community, supporting cooperative marketing programs, and supporting the growth of business members. The organization was founded in 1983 to serve the needs of the City’s businesses. Today the total number of businesses in the City of Hermitage exceeds 800.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate open dialogue among council members in an effort to strengthen working relationships with fellow estate planning practitioners. The group will also be used to share updates about meeting topics, dates, times and locations.

To teach, train and encourage financial professionals to learn, share and instruct Biblical Stewardship to individuals and families believing that “it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul” (Mathew 16:26)

Members will glorify God by impacting their world for Jesus Christ through teaching and practicing Biblical Stewardship.


We work with qualified financial, legal, and tax professionals who understand the importance of estate planning.
We train them to work together as a team to bring to every client a custom tailored estate plan.
We stress that every estate plan should be designed to preserve, protect, and pass on that individual's estate to whom they want, when they want, and how they want.
We think each client should also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their estate will be managed during their lifetime as they have directed, should they ever become incapacitated.
We believe every American adult deserves an estate plan that allows these goals to be accomplished in the most efficient manner available under the law, and that minimizes costs both now and in the future.

The American Bar Association is one of the world’s largest voluntary professional organizations, with nearly 400,000 members and more than 3,500 entities.  It is committed to doing what only a national association of attorneys can do: serving our members, improving the legal profession, eliminating bias and enhancing diversity, and advancing the rule of law throughout the United States and around the world.

Our mission is simple—to serve our members by providing the support, education, products and services they need to succeed in the tax profession. Find more on membership options, new promotions and all our amazing member benefits.

The IARFC is a non-profit credentialing organization of proven financial professionals formed to foster public confidence in the financial planning profession, to help financial advisors exchange planning techniques, and to give deserved recognition to those practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.